Exotic Escapades

from the subject, try to gues wher im goin. i’m so freakingly excited!! i can’t wait….bt one thg for sure, im gonna be dead broke by the end of this trip, especially since i have to fund for my own holidae…haiz…but for now, lets just spent, spen,spent!!!!

plus the great singapore sale is on, i thk ive been shopping like almost every other day, esp since im werking opp the two malls!!! i wish bonus was on this month.

went to c-plaza y’dae and went crazy! reminds me of Platinum in Bangkok that also made me crazy! most of the clothes there are from hong kong, i loike. better quality, design and style! the accessories are to die-for. i bought a ring that replicas that of Folie Folie. Hopefully my next shopping trip would be HongKong or S.Korea.

aniways, i getting fat. thnks to my brother who had to remind me. looks like i have to bollydance my way tonite.


~ by jehanza on May 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “Exotic Escapades”

  1. coool. now i’ve got more frens in livejournal.

  2. yea…glad to see u here too…its been a long time

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