24th June

Im trying my best not to bitch here in writtings. I mean i don’t really know who exactly comes and read this “super-exciting-scandalous-interesting-popular-dolce vita” journal. (ok u can slap me now…)POW WOW!!

As if i’m not pissed enough, i had to crossed path with “eh-hem2” aarrghh…
I didn’t really noticed or saw her face. I heard her voice, and she was cursing at this guy who accidently knocked on to her.

“Anak “toot…”toot”” Wow, wad a lovely reunion. I continued my browsing still not knowing it was her, but i was telling myself, wad an “M”.

Those words made herself look so little. But our eyes met, and it wad hate at first sight. Hahah…you know somtimes you just don’t like this person and they don’t have to do anything, you just hate them at sight. OMG, enuf said.

Aniways, I highly recommend you to try the dance on my entry “Dance to this”. I’m at my lightest weight since 2005! But that is also thanks to my diarrhea during my hols.Bluek!


~ by jehanza on June 24, 2007.

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