Skinny skin

Skinny. You don’t really see much of this word, you see a lot of objects or things that represent the word. Skinny models, slimming advertisements, celebrities, etc.


Flipping through the newspapers or worst still the magazine as been an envious task, for me. I’ve never really been bothered about this, but as you can’t see, I’m getting fat. I’ve lost 6 kilos last 2 months, maintained it for about 4 weeks, and gained it all back within  a week. Somebody slap me!


Ok2, I bet ya’ll who knows me would say,


“eh you don’t action ok, already so slim and (maybe they would say Sexy..haha)still say urself fat huh!!??”


“I hantam you then u noe ah…this girl ah, want to kena slap ah!!!”


I have a confession to make. I have hidden fats and it’s all hanging at my bottom. Yea, I know I got J.LO butt. (can slap me again). I just don’t like it. Period.


~ by jehanza on July 4, 2007.

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