Namly Ave

Is it me or wad? Everytime i travel to the west side of Spore, i find the surroundings totally alien. The buildings seems too old, even the MRT stations look old-sch and the people somehow look weird. 

Aniway, to start off i had a lousy day. I can’t believe i took 2 hrs to travel, which means im late,arrghh…i hate being late!

Drop down from the train station and made my way across to the bus-stop. I kinda knew i was on the wrong side of the road so i asked. I guess the conversation with Mr A was over-heard by this expat, whom approached me when i wanted to make my way already.

“Excuse me Miss…you looking for direction..?” Trying to sound as if he wanted to help, but i soon saw through him…bloody idiot! I can’t really figured out what was his motive, but he took out his card to me…wth!!? I walked away. This bloody idiot was wasting my time!!!

Got onto the other side and the bus soon came. Reached the campus and went straight to the info counter wanting to ask the location of the class….but boi was i sooooooooo damn wrong!!!

“You’re on the wrong building…You have to go to Namly Avenue at Bukit Timah..”

BUkit TIMAH!!!!!!?

I just wanted to cry. 
At this point i was already late for class. So late.

So i took a cab and went all the way there. Once there i showed the Security guy my letter, and he directed me to the room. 
Went it, and guess wad? I was wrong again…wrong class….!!! SUei rite?! So paissae!!!
Went down and was directed by another person and finally im in the right class. 30mins late!!!

But the class was great, as in the content. The people however was boring. It looked as if every other participate was going through a mid-life crisis or something. Why??? Why??? why am i being group with a bunch of oldiess!!! what wrg have i done!

Huh, nevermind. Hope day 2 will be much better off!


~ by jehanza on July 23, 2007.

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