Dreams, Nightmares & Deju vu

I feel like there’s alot of things I want to say in this entry, but so lazy to write.

Dreams, Nightmares & Deju vu

We all have experience this one time or another, but do you really pay much attention to it? 

I take my dreams and nightmares seriously. I also interpret it and believe or not, there’s some truth in it.
When I was waiting for my O level results, I had this nightmare. It repeated every other night, everytime it’s plot change but the message was clear.

The nightmare begins like this….

I would usually be in a group of people, family or friends. Suddenly I would all alone and diserted, because I was too curious to find out about something that had intrigued my sight or hearing.

So I wonder around and before I know it, I was being followed by something or somebody. So the chase begins. And I ran and I ran…..going places to places. The whole thing was about me running from the Thing. I was tired in each of these nightmares. But one thing for sure, was the fear I had during the whole thing.

My Interpretation:
THis nightmares would occur everytime something major is going to take place in my life. And even when I’m stress.
This shows that I’m not really confident of some things and am afraid and trying to run away from it.

Dreams…recently I had this dream. It was beautiful to me. I was in a car and next to me was a guy who was driving it. We were driving along an expressway alien to me. While we were driving on this very modern and futuristic atmosphere, we then turn into this lane. Lush with tall trees and abundance of flowers and flying butterflies was this huge house sitting on top of the hill. (waahhh…i feel like im writting a compo in primary sch)

Me and the guy walk hand-in-hand to the garden, feeling so happy.

My Interpretation:
I’m newly wed. The guy is my husband and we’re driving towards our new home. hheehe
Looks like my future is quite promising….hahha


~ by jehanza on August 27, 2007.

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