Jehan’s Butt

Some of my bootyliciousness may be genetic, but having a backside that toned takes  hard work too. (ooohhh…yea bare with me on this one).

Its always important to sculp. First, lean your back, neck and head against your bed or floor, and plant  you feet flat in front of you. Squeeze your butt and lift your hips so your body forms a flat table.

Another killer move, is the squats. One one leg, with the other bent behind you, slowly squat down as if you were sitting on a chair. Then rise back up even slower. 

Another thing that i wanna higlight on this entry is cellulites. Not sure if ive mention this before, but i got to know this when i went for my massage. One of the most effective ways to reduce the build-up of cellulite is through massaging. 

First its important to identify if yours is soft or hard cellulites. Hard cellulites are those big lumps which has hardened over time. This is the hardest to remove. Luckily mine’s is the soft one. Massaging would help break down the fats into smaller particles, thus its easier to burn the fats. Knocking on your cellulites would also help. 


~ by jehanza on September 23, 2007.

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