Arrghhh..i’ve been tagged by Fiona

::: Layer 1: On the outside ::: 
:: Name :: Nurjehan Z.A
:: Date :: 15TH oCT
:: Current status ::
Confusingly attached
:: Eye colour ::
:: Hair colour :: Cappucino

::: Layer 2: On the inside ::: 

:: My heritage :: Indian, Chinese

:: My fears :: Roaches, losing my loved ones
:: My weaknesses :: Shoes…..what else..
:: My perfect pizza :: mushrooms, lots of it with mozzarella and tender   tandoori

::: Layer 3: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow my first thought of ::: 

:: Waking up :: Damn…it’s 7.15am ald!!!?…another 8-9 hrs of turmoil
:: My bedtime :: Who should I dream of tonight…hahah

:: My most missed memories :: Being with her

::: Layer 4: My pick :::
:: Pepsi or coke :: coke
:: Single or group dates :: errrrr…single
:: Adidas or Nike :: Depends
:: Vanilla or chocolate :: err…depends again

:: Cappuccino or coffee :: non

::: Layer 5: Do you? :::

:: Smoke :: No
:: Do you curse :: When treated unfairly:: Have a crush :: Many….oops
:: Go to school :: those were the days …

:: Believe in yourself :: yes
:: Think you’re a health freak :: I like to think of it that way

::: Layer 6: In the past :::

:: Drank alcohol :: no
:: Gone to the mall :: duh
:: Dyed your hair ::
my hair is no longer a virgin…eee..omg

::: Layer 7: Have you ever…? :::
:: Played a stripping game :: …….
:: Change who you were to fit in :: …..i may have

::: Layer 8: Are you hoping to :::

:: get married before I turn 24…or was it 23?

::: Layer 9: In a partner :::

:: Best eye colour :: hazel
:: Best hair colour :: black will do
:: Long or short hair :: short..very short curly hair maybe

::: Layer 10: What were you doing? :::

:: A minute ago :: I jus farted (silent one ah)
:: An hour ago :: scripting
:: A month ago ::  made a big mistake

::: Layer 11: Finish the sentences… :::

:: I love :: my mother
:: I hide :: money in my messy wardrobe for emergencies (jus in case)

:: I need to :: make myself chubby on the cheeks again without adding on bulges to the thigh…damn.




~ by jehanza on October 15, 2007.

8 Responses to “Arrghhh..i’ve been tagged by Fiona”

  1. I’m commenting way too much but hey, you are a chindian too!

    • hahah…u chindian ke?

      • Ya but malay on my ic. Racial harmony, please. Haha! I’m glad you found Pernama since you have been looking for that company. How was your Eid?

      • same la….my ic oso mly…!!! ni baru racial harmony….
        my eid was ok….didnt go for much visitng though…and you? eh u having hols or wad?

      • I found my twin! My Eid was okay too, no complains lah. Too kenyang though! Holidays were long over, waiting for another one.

        Eh your shoes in your previous entry is very pretty lah! Next time you go shoe shopping, i want to come along. Haha! Extra right.

      • hahah…yea man…
        I don’t care, i just eat and eat….

        my shoes? jealous kan…..haha…
        i dun really go shoe shopping, usually if i see the shoe that i like, i just buy…hahha..

        coz my motto for shoes is that
        “Like it? Buy it!” hahah…coz its hard to find nice comfy shoes. So just buy…. but must oso see budget ah…

        but yea…we should go shopping one day.

      • I know! Eid is another excuse to binge!

        I really get what you mean about looking for that nice comfy shoes so why not just get them, right.

        Okay set ah, we go shopping one day(my hols are nearing too, 2nd Nov, hint hint). Seems like we like the same thing. From sewing, home made beauty recipes(i’m always trying new recipes) to shopping!

      • Oh ya, do you shop online? On communities like sgspree or _spreee?

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