Extreme Makeover- Bedroom ed

 I have a new project in mind right now. That is to make-over my room!!!!

First of all, my room is small..like really small.

And then, it’s facing the corridor. Which means that I can’ use those see-through curtains.

Ok, lemme tell you first what’s in my room.

1. Single bed (i soo wish it was bigger like queen size or soemthing)
2. Bench (u noe…like those garden bench)
3. Portable aircon
4. Fan
5. A huge wardrobe which covers 3/4 of one of the wall. With full length mirror coverng the door of the wardrobe.

hmmm…yea, basically that’s it.

I know, tell me about. (eyes rolling) Where’s the makeup table (or whatever you call it)
Well i don’t have one, when i wanna makeup, I just on the floor facing the wardrobe mirrors.

I know the stuff are limited but it gives me lot of space. Oh yea, btw the room walls are in this lime green colour which i later realised it about the same colour as my office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No wonder i always have nightmares after the new paitings were done! I should have chose purple or pink. (typical!!!)

Now i’m thinking of having it paint in magnolia or maybe teal. Now i need to get a queen size bed, have lots of pillows and cushion on the bed!


~ by jehanza on November 1, 2007.

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