If your @#!# english wasn’t that bad..this wouldn’t have happen bitch!

Have you noticed this? There’s a growing trend that is worrying me and it should concern you too.

I think Singapore is being over populated by foreigners. Not only are they taking up those so-called specialist jobs, eg IT. They are also taking up alot of the part-time jobs which student (locals) used to anchor.

I went to Polar airport and was attended by a China girl. To start off, they aren’t that good with their english. Thus the order got mixed up. I asked for a change and she did it “unhappily”. 

Well i just got this to say, ” If your @#!# english wasn’t that bad..this wouldn’t have happen bitch!”

I noticed that alot of those FNB employs people from CHINA, PHILLIPINES, etc.

Then another case was a classic. I went to send my clothes to the dry-cleaning at TM basement and made full payment which was$30. (I was attended by some foreigner, prolly CHINA)

However when i went to collect it, another CHINA girl attended to me. She said that there were some errors is the billing. It wasn’t $30 but $50!!!! That’s like $20 more. 

She said that, the previous girl who handled me was new so she wasn’t that sure of the charges  and she was scared to call me up to inform and that she ws crying and blah blah blah….and asked me if i can top-up the balance.

So i told her this. 
“Well then, it’s your problem. You made a mistake, you owned it. It’s not my problem, you don’t come and tell me your blunders and expect me to top-up. If she is new, she makes mistake then she will have to learn from it. I’m not gonna pay for it..”

I wish i said 1 more line though..”It’s not about the money, it’s a matter of principle.” (If you’re in CS, you shld know what i mean…haha) but i thought it may be a bit too profound for her.

You know, it’s not that i’m against foreigners (eyes roll…hhaha) but if you are gonna employ somebody, the least you should look-out for is good spoken english and the right attitude towards customer service. Take the Phillipinos for example. They display such a WOW attitude towards customer service and for this, i applaud them.

So moral of the story, Speak Good English. hahahaha.


~ by jehanza on November 26, 2007.

6 Responses to “If your @#!# english wasn’t that bad..this wouldn’t have happen bitch!”

  1. Bingo

    Well well Ms Transsexual u r rite! By the way, what happen to you? Thought you wore tudung. Why did you take it off? To trade for a VS? What kind of upbringing your parents foster on you…Haiz…

    Moral of the story : Look into the mirror.

    • Re: Bingo

      OOOooo..wow…..looks like somebody has a grudge on me..How interesting!!

      I wore tudung? I would love to, one day.

      Missy..i think you got the wrong person. I feel so sorry for you. You seem so despressed and lonely to write such inaccurate remarks about me.

      I must have really made an impact to your life one way or another, to the extent that you find it a must to write this.

      PS: why leave yourself as anonymous? if you have the courage to write this, signing off ur real name shld be no big deal.


  2. Is this the dry cleaning shop in NTUC?

  3. alamak….siape sae budak giler nie? bebual rilek jer and mase bile kau pakai tudung?


  4. 🙂

    Wohoo! Take a break. You have nothing to be envious of sweets. Saw your pic with a tudung (album time). You, your mum and relatives/siblings i suppose; with you clad in tudung. Did heard (from reliable sources mind you) that you once wore tudung. But hey, eyes can play trick. Didnt know your own relatives’ eyes can play that kinda trick. May Allah bless you and show you the right path. Amin.


    • Re: 🙂

      Hi Lubna (or whoever u are),

      Only i know what’s going on. Since you choose to be adamant, or simply refuse to believe that you got the wrong person, then so be it.

      I shall not explain or reply to your commment, as i don’t see the need to and you’ve obviously chose to critizice me. I choose not to be sinned, going around critizing people with untruthful facts.

      Of course…you may go ahead talking abt me behind my back, but i shall not allow you to publise such utter nonsense here from now on. Don’t waste my time and yours.

      May Allah bless you and show you the right path. Amin.

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