To my mother, the woman who inspires me to be everything that i can be


Today when Mark passed me a book called, ” NOW,DISCOVER YOUR STRENGHTS”, I was reminded about my short stint in writing a book for kids.
I remember that it was a sad kid’s story, where he had to make 3 wishes. Thinking back it wasn’t that fantastic though there were moral values instilled.
Sometimes i wish i had just enough time to do these things. To write a simple story or just find a really good read.
Time passes by so quickly these days and now it’s already December which leads me to my top 3 new year resolution.
1. To start sewing for real for others by half quarter 
2. Travel to another exotic location for escapade 2008 by third quarter
3. Secret! hahah (by last quarter)

~ by jehanza on December 18, 2007.

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