It did good for me, hope it does for you

Yerps, i have to share this with you girls out there. And guys too.

What i’m about to tell you has been tried and tested by the labotaries of Missfoxxy for the past 6 mths.

Tremendously versatile and intensely flavorful, gingerroot has long been an integral component of Eastern cooking, appearing in everything from fiery curries to calming teas. Its distinctive taste gives depth of flavor to dishes,without adding calories or fat. And it is said to bring with it many health benefits — including the alleviation of digestive disorders, congestion, and joint pain.

Despite its gnarled, complex appearance, ginger is easy to work with. Look for smooth, shiny skin devoid of wrinkles. You can refrigerate the root wrapped in plastic up to three weeks or freeze it up to three months, slicing off just what you need as you go. Peel the thin outer layer, then grate, slice, or mince the fibrous flesh. The flavor and pungent heat tend to intensify during slow cooking, so be careful not to add too much in the beginning.

Like garlic, ginger marries well with strong seasonings, such as curry powder in an Indian-style lentil soup. Yet it also works in milder dishes and desserts — lending sharpness to a miso-carrot dressing and imparting a piquancy to poached pears. Added to sweet or savory dishes, fresh ginger is a healthful way to wake up your food.

Missfoxxy Own recipe:
Swirling Honey Halia drink

What is it for: Menstratual cramps
When to drink it: If you happen to get the “most teruk” cramps during your menses, drink this a few days before your menses consecutively.
Ingredients: Ginger (young (fresh) or old 
*If you want extra spicy, get the “old” ginger. Think it’s bigger in side. For mild taste get the young/fresh ginger.

-Peel the thin outer layer of ginger. 
-Wash and slide it thin (the thinner the better for the juice to oooooooze out…hheheh)
-Then put the thin slide of into a metal pot that has been filled with water.
-Put it on stove with low heat.
-Cover the metal pot.
-After 15mins remove from heat and pour in glass.
-Pour in a table/teaspoon of honey and mixed.

*tablesppon of honey if you want it sweeter
*teaspoon of honey if you want it less sweet OR without honey if you’re daring enough to withstand the spicy taste. (It’s not big a deal though)

Let it cool for a while and drink it.


~ by jehanza on January 13, 2008.

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