My next destination

I’m sure you guys have heard about the recent deaths of army regulars and basically very young fit people. They all died suddenly and it’s sound scary. One minutes you’re doing your regular workout and the next thing you’re dead.

Just like this afternoon, i was gonna put on a medicated plaster on my back, so i had to twist my body, and whilst i was at it, i felt a sharp pain on my chest like my heart was cut into 2!!! I thought i was gonna have a heart attack and die!!! 😦

Thankfully, it was a muscle strain or something like that. However due to the “magnitude” of pain i felt earlier, i still feel the ache till now. 

I guess there’s no guarantee. Life insurance, healthy life style and what have you. Your life can be taken away just like that. One day u’re in, one day u’re out. (like you’ve heard it somewhere eh!???) My mum said that you need insurance. However, it’s not the one from AIA, Aviva or Prudential but from GOD. The only payment is through installments, which means your daily prayers to Him. It’s so true. Isn’t it?

Moving on….

I’m an avid fan of documentaries. Especially those from Global Trekkers. Recently it showned Canada. It was love at first sight! The natural landscape was breath-taking and jaw-dropping and simply WOW. It’s a place of secluded beauty and tranquility. 

With that i officially declare that Canada shall be on my list on Exotic Escapade and my next travel destination.



~ by jehanza on January 13, 2008.

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