Today for the first time I put on Bronzers for my make-up. And…and….it’s sooooooooooooooo niceeeeeee!!!!
It all seem so natural and gives the overall look a healthy glow with that hint of glitter!
You girls should try it! Highly recommended.
I’ve been experimenting on my makeup for quite some time now. Atleast for the past 2 months I would say, I’ve been more adventurous with colours.
I think…I think I’ve mastered the art of Smokey eyes in different colour tones. Glittery charcoal black, Sultry Maroon and Sexy Green…(dramatization on names..hahah).
I tend to stick to dark shades as I felt that it best suited me. With my small eyes, using light/pale colours makes me peepers even smaller like Cina, even with liner!
Another colour I like is bronzy gold, which I usually used it as a standalone with just pencil liner. The result? I can’t stop looking at myself! hahah….(I hope you guys reading this won’t feel nauseated after this!!! hahah).
Another cool colour is Breezy Blue which I often mixed with green. But the result is hmmm….not so nice.
Lastly, the other technique I wanna share is smudging. Yup, smudging when done correctly can do wonders.
Instead of using pencil liner to the lower lid, use the mascara and brush it lightly to the left and right. Be sure to go as near to the lid as possible, a little bit of smudge to the skin is fine.
So if you have been doing the same makeup style and it has become a boring routine, then it’s time to try something new!

~ by jehanza on January 25, 2008.

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