the solution?

There were several complaints by taxi drivers and commuters on the new rules regarding taxi stands in the Central Business District. The taxis are required to pick up commuters only at the designated stands. The taxi drivers complained that the stands do not have sufficient space for waiting taxis.

The underlying problem is the imbalance between the supply and demand of taxis. At some times, there are too many taxis waiting for commuters. At other times, commuters could not catch a taxi (during which time, the taxis are hiding somewhere waiting for a telephone booking).

The solution? Improve the feeder services to take commuters to the MRT stations. If the feeder services are convenient clearly marked at bus stops, more people will be willing to take these services, instead of relying on taxis during the busy hours.

I hope that the Land Transport Authority will take early steps to make it convenient for commuters to use the feeder services. The current bus services can perform this function, if people understand how to use them.

(extracted from ). Also check out his advises on financial matters and insurance. 
Good read.

I think S’pore still has a long way to go in the transportation services. Not only do they have to upped the resources but also their service. I just can’t stand the bus services. No only are there fewer buses, which means that you have to wait and min of 20 mins if you missed it, but also SOME of the apek bus are sooooooo rude.                                                                                                                                                                                                         
And don’t even get me started with the taxis. So much for outsourcing more companies to operate the taxis to create competitive prices charges, but it looks like these companies are competing to see who can charge the highest. 

Not to mention all those ERP gantry charges!? What’s the purpose of ERP again? I still don’t think they have met the objective. 

I feel that we should improve further on our bus services (Feeder bus), with LRT being a flop. I’m sure that with improve resources and service, more people would opp for public transport.


~ by jehanza on March 10, 2008.

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