I walked to work today, singing to the songs on my MP3. I was about to enter my building, when a gush of cool breeze swept my delicate face….hahahah….(im actually laughing while typing this). I just stop and stood there enjoying the ice cool air, while Frankie J was singing to More than words. It was so cool, not cold, just nice, almost perfect but WRONG timing!!! Reluctantly I went in and started work.


Mum is cooking my fav today….Vegetable soup!!!! (as yucky as it sounds….its nice…very).


Aniways, I need to go for a run, maybe tomorrow? I can’t help but feel that everytime I sit down, my *** is growing sideways. I swear I could literally feel it. I just need to sweat it all out.


~ by jehanza on April 17, 2008.

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