I tried to be chill but your so hot that i melted

I’ve been making loads of cupcake the past week. Got a few orders and i’m so excited!!! I didn’t manage to snap any shots of it though as i was so tired by then. It’s so easy to make and so ssseeeeeeeeeeeeedap!!!!! All thanks to the recipe book that i bought recently, “500 cupcakes & muffins” So i guess i’ll be trying out all the 500 recipes…? We’ll see about that…

I have a big annoucement to make actually but just duunoe when i’m gonna say it. So just wait a lil. But for you smart alecks out there…i’m sure you know. There are some big clues in many previous entries…woooohooo….

You know what? My wardrobe is so overwhelmed with clothes…but…i’ve just got nothing to wear!!! It’s so frustrating….Just need to get new stuff in…

Check these designs by Missoni.

Miu Miu…love it!!

Eric Javits


~ by jehanza on June 21, 2008.

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