I can’t believe it.

This May, it will be ‘TThe FoxxyChic Diary’ ‘s 2nd anniversary!!!

Like WOW.

How can i even forget my 1st, being the so proud writer iam.

Looking back, i happy that i’ve shared manyinteresting posts. To me atleast. Haha.

Wow. So many things have happen and evovled. Who knew, Missfoxxy would produced another blog.

My Beautiful Bridal Journey.

What’s next? My very own website, a ‘.com’ site???? I soooo want!!! And an online shopping site that comes along with it? That would be a dream come true!!!

I hope my readers out there enjoy reading my stuff as much as i love writting and sourcing out for them. 
Just another random thought ya, i wanna become a writer. You know like that Sophie Kel….smthing. The one who wrote ‘Confessions of a Shopperholic’. So yea….that would be the 3 phase after i get my online shopping site up? Amin.

To end off this entry, here is an inspirational song. Ask yourself.

Proud – Heather Small


~ by jehanza on February 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Belated”

  1. Pls eh.Dont tell me you like this song. So reminds me of work can?!

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