I’m not that bothered actually…

People, is it a must to have wedding cakes? I dunnoe.

I was checking out Sugarly Nice website and i am appalled at the pricing. Really. $1000+ for a premium and $500+ for a basic? WOW.

I was thinking that cuppcakes are more practical, cause i was thinking that those traditional cakes seems to usually go to waste. Don’t you think. And everyone being so tired from the wedding, who would bother  to cut the rest of the cake and pack it and then give it away. 

Cupcakes would be much easier to give away right? Like grab and go kinda thing.

I love Momma’s Cupcakes. She is way more creative.

Is there any other sites that does wedding cakes and stuff? I wanna know.


~ by jehanza on February 8, 2009.

One Response to “I’m not that bothered actually…”

  1. Yes, I think a wedding cupcake cake is a great way to go. It’s more practical from a budget standpoint and is really a new/hip emerging trend when it comes to wedding cakes.

    You should just go with that idea and jump up and down knowing you didn’t spend a fortune on your wedding cake.

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