I had a dream. We were in a car, seated at the back, side by side. I guess that the weather was very cold, as i was tuck in a trench coat and he in a jacket.

He was on the phone, calling home. I guess it was to convey that we’re doing fine there.

He then wrapped his arms around my neck and brought me closer. I felt warmth with all the love around. 

I would love to assume that we were in a taxi or a private car driven around by a guide. It could have been our honeymoon?

I remembered waking up that day with a twinkling dimple in my stomach and a smile in my heart. I often wonder who was that guy beside me.

Such small gesture, but oh-so-lovely feeling. I always asked myself, “Could he be the one”.

Like many of my dreams which turn to life as a deja-vu. I hope that this dream will be one of those moments which will make me cover my mouth and  go, “OMG….Deja-vu!”


~ by jehanza on March 3, 2009.

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