ooooHHH aaahhh

And so i’ve watched Confessions of A Shopaholic. Nothing great. Kinda boring i thought.

Brides War is prolly 10 times better. Even Devils wear Prada scored, but not that shopaholic thingy. 

Aniways, i finally have the time to talk about my Spa Jelita experience. The place is just so amazing. Its so pretty and cozy and warm and the list goes on!

The only thing that was amiss was the changing room. Room for improvement there. haha. Aniways the ambience is just great. It somehow inspired me to do the same theme for my house one day. *Dreamy mode*

Moving on to their service. Nice service overall, compliments all round, not sure if they really meant it, haha. I tried their sauna/steam bath, massage, lulur with apple. It was nice. Atleast she manage to untie the knot on my shoulders.

However, comparing the massage and lulur service to Wayan, the latter is way much better. Only that i didn’t like Wayan’s concept of total Javanese.

So that’s about it. 2 full hours of pampering treats. Loved it!


~ by jehanza on March 29, 2009.

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