It’s been a weighty week filled with all things wedding. Just glad that i have people to think through the details of the main event for me. From the colours to match, type of fabrics, flowers and other decor items.

Its been fabulous so far. I just hope that this oh-doozie feel last throughout.

I didn’t know that choosing of outfits was such a exhausting task. Nonetheless, im happy with my choice. Tried out 8 outfits and confirmed 3 designs within 2 hrs! My whole body was aching after the whole thang!

Interesting fact: My wedding gown can stand on its own!

I so adore my wedding gown. I even have a name for it. I call it my ‘Katy dress’. It’s name after Kate Hudson. I’m sure some of you can tell why. Haha.

All i can say is that it gives you a cinderalla feel. Hehe.

Till my next fairytale update! (”,)


~ by jehanza on July 12, 2009.

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