Trust me on this

Everyone knows that celebrities who catwalk down a red carpet have had their entire look screened and approved by a professional stylist.

Stylists like Rachel Zoe and Robert Verdi have become famous enough to land their own cable TV shows. But there’s an entire branch of the business of styling that never appears at a movie premiere or Oscar ceremony.

These are normal peeps. They could be young or OLD executive or professionals, political or public figures, plain janes who are just clueless about fashion and not forgetting the little rich brats. In the need of fashion guidance, they turn to stylists for help, either to improve, to over-haul or update their look.

Don’t you sometimes feel clueless about what goes together, what’s fab and what’s totally NOT!? Its nice to get some feedback, feedback, feedback…ooohh. Put on pieces together, experiment and find that perfect look that define your character. *Rubs hands together*

I feel honored and excited everytime someone ask me to go shopping to specifically assist them in their clothing style. A fashion mission.

Run my hands through the fabric, looking out for detail, colour coordination, texture, price,etc. Try this on, and show it to me. Then i take a step back, scanned through the look, scrutinize every piece of detail. Arms folded while i visualised her walking down the street, or her in the office. How well does this piece works for her.

Such a pleasurable experience, one that i’ll always keep a look out for! I wonder if i can make some moolah out of this! Hhaha.

Interested? PM me. hee.


~ by jehanza on August 31, 2009.

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