tremors saved the day..sort of

Today was a f-up day, but i’m glad i end it off with a back massage at SpaJelita together with Shaheeda. Thanks babe! You’re the bomb!

I just don’t wanna think of it. I’ve better things to worry about. I have to stop being so kanchong, coz i might just have a heart attack. Whatever. Shall not dwell too much, i never know who’s reading this. Ptttf..

Had a lovely massage at the beautiful SpaJelita. Usually i would just shut off during massages, but this time i decided to chat with the makcik urut. I’m sure she would like to talk about her day too. It was nice. She made my day and i hope i made hers, cause i made her laugh alot. Didn’t know i was that funny!

Took a cab back and dropped my gf off first, after which i quickly started a conversation with the taxi driver. Asking if he had his dinner ald. It was nice and for the first time, i tipped a taxi driver. He was nice and he deserved it. It wasn’t much though, but atleast it was something kan?He even waved back to me as he droved off. Haha.

For a moment i forgot about the stress, but as soon i reached home, i was thinking of it still. Damn. Hate it!

But everything is gonna be fine, right? Zar called. My darling zar. Such a sweetheart. I’m so glad i have you to pour my sorrows out. And as usual he made me laugh and smile…..hmmm…i love you! You made me feel so much better already. So assuring. I feel safe. Heee.


~ by jehanza on September 30, 2009.

One Response to “tremors saved the day..sort of”

  1. ala ala ala sweetnyea =)) woootz, 29 more days cepatnya!!!

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